Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Baby Bunny Video

So many baby bunnies!

Now that it's been over a week since I posted this baby bunny video on YouTube, the babies are no longer little tiny "fit in the palm of your hand" size, rather they're about the size of softballs or very large grapefruits. I've only had the chance to see one of them again romping around on our patio, but Mom stops by to eat the clover in our yard at least once a day still.  I hope the babies are doing good after this, as my husband and I were a bit worried that they might run out into the road and get hit, or get killed by the numerous dogs residing in the neighborhood.

I've always had this battle with rabbits since the moment we moved into the house.  I guess I shouldn't have been overly worried because for the most part I have more trouble with bugs eating my flowers than rabbits!  However, the winter we moved into our house I found little 'presents' of pellets all over the yard for weeks and figured we must have a heard of rabbits that lived in our yard.  Usually this meant chasing a couple of the precocious things from our flower and veggie gardens.

The bunnies get just SO comfortable in our yard I'll oftentimes see them lying out there like this!  Or they'll be grooming or just munching along at the clover to their heart's content.

Luckily, they do tend to leave our garden alone provided we don't plant small leafy greans and stick to tomatoes, pumpkins, and other vine plants (assuming those don't taste very yummy!)

It was sheer luck that I caught the video that I did as I had been chasing the mom bunny away from my garden over and over until realizing there was a reason she kept going over there, and that was to nurse her seven kits.  I had just enough time to race inside to grab the camera and race out again in hopes that I'd catch them on video as they left the lilac bush they were hiding under.

Hopefully I'll get some more photos up soon of the bunny antics in my yard.