Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Little About Whatcher Studios

Welcome to my blog/studio website.  I bought this domain over a year ago and had about one good afternoon of inspiration pouring over new ways to post things and trying to come up with a good way to post my writing and artwork, thinking "I'll make my site into a blog since I already write a lot on Facebook and DeviantART" but at the time I failed to come up with a good way to post a proper blog.  Okay, I didn't try that hard, and a year went by before I decided to try fiddling with this again.

Now you're seeing what a bit of help from Blogger can do and I don't mind admitting that I'm glad I have something pre-assembled to work with for the time being.  Eventually I'll edit this site up, because I've been writing my own HTML since 1998, and I like to know how websites work.  But, for now this is easy; when I want to type, I can just type, and I don't have to put a bunch of extra work into adding the italics and bolds and paragraphs that I'm so fond of using.

Onto where the name "WhatcherStudios" came from.  The creature that tops this blog is a "whatcher" and it's spelled that way because at the time of its creation there were "Watchers" in both Highlander: The Series and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and these critters weren't people watching immortals or slayers, they were creatures meant to watch over people.  They spied on people.  In the original novel I wrote between the ages of 13 and 17 (never published, mind you) they were mouse-sized, could spy on your enemy and report back to you via psychic relay.  Pretty cool.  Whatchers evolved, however, into more of a cat-sized creature that still watched, but now was more of a pet and helper, but still psychic to their one master.

What's with the "-Studios" add on?  I needed a name for my art table at anime conventions and thus was born "WhatcherStudios".  It fit.  The critters have been on my 'plate' for drawing since I was 13 (and I'm MUCH older than that now, so they're pretty much a part of my every day life, even if they don't actually exist.... however, you'll soon get to 'see' them exist on this site if all goes well.

I have a LOT of hobbies, a few of which being drawing, taking photographs, writing about random stuff (ahem), gardening, reading, watching TV, cooking, playing video games... well, you get the point.  A few of my hobbies meld from time to time, and drawing and transposing those drawings onto photographs is one of my favorites, so you'll probably be seeing some 'real' whatchers in photographs I've taken from time to time.

If you want to see some of my artwork now, head over to MillyT@Deviantart and check out my galleries.

I'd like to share my life with you, and if you're willing to read through massive quantities of drivel from time to time, give me a comment once in awhile, then welcome to WhatcherStudios!

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