Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Cats and Ponies

Ever get that feeling that a cat might be judging you?

This is my cat Olivia.  She's not quite 8 months old, but as cats go, she's already taken over the house.  Cats have quirks you know.  People say cats have staff, dogs have owners (actually I've heard the opposite saying once after watching a rather old program, but that's for a different discussion) and I do agree that sometimes when a cat looks at you, you just know they're judging you.

Maybe they aren't judging your character, but rather, judging what you're going to do next, if you're going to get up, go out, feed them, play with them, do something that would be of interest or maybe there isn't a thing in the world that you could do that they'd care about.  Whatever it is, they're constantly weighing options and calculating.

Unless, of course, you have a dumb cat.  There are those too.  Not to say my cat is dumb, but I have met a share of them with those glassed over looks that you can tell they're never quite in this dimension.

Olivia is a calculating cat.  She figured out that if the toy goes behind you on one side, it might come out on the other.  She knows that if she scratches at the litter long enough, someone will wake up to play with her first thing in the morning.  She knows that the shower means fresh water.  She knows that climbing the back of the couch will prompt someone to get up and if she hides at the end of her tunnel then maybe someone might play with her.  She also knows that if she jumps up on my computer desk and meows around a lot that eventually I'll grab her, unless of course I'm blogging, and then the picture above happens where she sits there, looking pretty smug about the fact that at any moment she could start chewing on one of my ponies and I'll have to pay attention to her because I don't want them gnawed on.

She hasn't, for her own health, destroyed anything by chewing, scratching, or otherwise killing it.  If she did, I think she knows that there would be certain penalties.  She does things for attention, and that's it.  As for the ponies...I'm not quite sure why I had to run out to the store to pick them up, but I did.  And I have to TiVo the show too, and I blame my husband for getting me into it after the curiosity of "Bro-nies" and wondering if he too could become one (nope).

I've loved ponies since I was...five?  I've got quite the collection you see...
Over 60.... hrm...yeah...I'm not quite sure if I should be proud of that number or not.  I've only bought four recently...one more I bought a year or two ago before the new cartoon came out and the style changed.  I'm rather surprised how much smaller the new ponies are in comparison to the old ones.  The original style are in the bottom center, and to the bottom right are the brand new ones.  They look more like baby ponies by their size.  But I guess they have to shrink in order to keep them the same price after all of these years.

I'm not going to rant and rave over the pony thing, but to say that I'm a fan of collecting a lot of things, and ponies are one, cat things are another, Trigun things another...and all of which makes me feel a LOT younger than I really am.  Or maybe that means I'm a lot older because I am certainly not acting my age.  Is that so wrong?

Stop judging me!  LOL


  1. LOL, I am disappointed that Mike is not a brony (yet)...we must convert him bwhahaha, :P.