Monday, February 27, 2012

Derpy Hooves

I'm actually glad that there are plenty of copies out there of the 'original' Derpy voice and name on the episode of MLP:FIM.  In fact, I'm glad I still have a copy of the episode on my TiVo so I can watch it again myself.  It's kind of sad really that they changed the voice and completely dropped her name from the episode.  Actually, the voice matches more what I had in my mind anyway, so I'm not entirely sad about that.  In fact, if the voice actor hadn't been so rushed to fix it (IMO) she probably could have gotten more character into it yet than the quick rush job that it felt like.  But the fact that Rainbow Dash no longer said her name was Derpy more sad to me.

I haven't said anything really about this whole thing because, well, I know that no one reading this blog really cares since I'm not a huge Brony blogger or anything.  I have been blogging about ponies, but that's only because I enjoy the show and enjoy ponies that have more in common with anime characters than whatever it was they had become over the past few years.  I enjoyed the very first ponies but when they tried to go too overboard... ah well, I'm enjoying this new series for what it is because I enjoy the kind of humor and mostly the cartoon style of it over anything else.  It's very pretty, especially on HUB HD.  ^_^

Anyway, I too am one of the bronies created by watching the Derpy episode.  That's all it took, one episode waiting for Derpy to arrive for the first time and then ever after catching up on all of the episodes until they finally gave her a name and a voice.  And then there was something of a split.  True Bronies loved it.  People who liked ponies, but I wouldn't consider a Brony, hated it and parents were up in arms and they actually took the cartoon episode down to re-do it!  I don't think I've heard of anything quite like that but maybe when they stopped playing that Pokemon episode that caused seizures.  (Actually, it's not uncommon to take down episodes of anime because of content and parents not liking this kid showing a bit too much skin or some word they weren't happy with being muted)   I'm just surprised they did it with a character that was so loved, and I really doubt even one kid out there said to their mom, "Hey Mom, is that pony mentally disabled?"  Doubt it.

Apparently in the minds of the cartoonists, Derpy will always be Derpy and do 'derpy' things and maybe she won't have a name and her eyes won't roll around as much (which, actually, is kind of fine by me too) but in the back of our heads, all Bronies will probably mourn the loss of the original we all saw go way over the top and how much we cheered and smiled the first time we saw her in all her derpy glory.  It's fun to 'derp'.  In fact, probably half the photos my husband has of me on his cell phone are derped up photos.  ^_^

 I guess that's all I'll say about this subject for now.  It's just a shame they had to do such a drastic change because of a few people not knowing how to 'love and tolerate' as the show teaches us.

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