Monday, March 11, 2019

2019 - Focus on My Mental Health pt. 3

     Don't really have much to relate today, but figured since I'd realized I just didn't have a way to express my feelings anywhere else that I'd write out a brief synapsis of what went on today.  Typically when I'm sent away to work at another store in the area I come right home afterward, but this time I decided that I would definitely use the long drive to my advantage and do some shopping afterward.
     But first, getting up at 4:30 AM, driving across town, not quite the furthest store in the area but they're all between 20-30 minute drives away from my house.  Drive was okay and I saw someone I hadn't gotten to talk to in awhile so that was pleasant, then I did my work and had to coax both of the store managers there to let me go when my time was up for the day because, quite frankly, I'd gotten there on time and my own manager did not, so let them stay the extra 45 minutes or more to make up for it.  I was exhausted but also decided I needed to do the shopping trip I'd planned on, even if only for a half hour or so.
     So I actually went shopping, bought a few new shirts and a new sweater and chatted up the cashier for awhile since it was slow and she was talkative.  Then headed over to another store to get a few more things and had another conversation there with an employee, so it made it an overall pleasant experience for me.  Then I did a little bit of catching Pok√©mon since you honestly can't NOT play Pokemon Go where I was.
     Then I turned on the newest Jason Mraz CD that I own (yes, I still like CDs as my stupid media player sucks and doesn't want to read anything off the USB drive...and I've been too lazy to get that fixed.)  And just sang my way home again.
     We went out to eat for dinner and I wandered around the yard when we got home looking at the tiny little stubs of crocuses and tulips peaking out of the ground.  I so want it to be Spring already!  I want to be able to hit up the garden center and buy a tray of pansies to plant out in the garden.  I also want to be able to put down grass seed so we can forget about the ugly brown line from the road to the side of my house.

     Well, I think I'm going to work on painting just one more of the vents now, and watch some more TV, relax or something, take a nice shower and go to bed.  Then maybe I'll be able to deal with my internal screaming about how things went.  I'm really glad to be home again, but also glad I made the trip on my own as I just don't go out on my own enough anymore and I think it builds character when I do.  I just wish I'd been able to get going sooner in order to go to the bookstore too, but that's a whole different challenge.

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